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Allegis Group, Inc. is an international talent management firm headquartered in Hanover, Maryland. As of 2018 it had US$13.4 billion in revenue, and 19,000 employees.


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Former Employee - Transcriptionist says

"It appears that working with Allegis was not a good fit for you and we are sorry that our offerings were not satisfactory for your needs. For transparency sake I'd like to make a few things we have in place clear for future readers: 1. An online Community Network for team and peer support 2. Bi-weekly satisfaction polling and request for feedback and suggestions 3. Market pay rate (but of course skill-level of typist hugely impacts income level) 4. Regular quarterly QA review with results published to Feedback Dashboard 5. A contract performance management process monitoring adherence to minimum production requirement (100+ pages per week) and providing a series of reminders and warnings before contract termination"

Former Employee - Independent Contractor says

"We work very hard to have the right number of transcriptionists on board. Importantly, the right number has to accommodate both spikes and lulls in work – and this fluctuates up to 20% in both directions. So, holds are a result in a lull of work, and are a requirement in order to meet the need of an inverse volume spike. For 2017 a full three-fifths of our transcriptionists have had work available for 98.6% of the time; for the remainder two-fifths 86.7% of days possible had full work available. Of the 13% of days with holds, over half of transcriptionists experiencing a hold still obtained their average weekly work amount. The ranking system that manages these work holds received an 82.6% approval rating by transcriptionists. We have holds, but they are not frequent and we have an abundance of work available."

Former Employee - Transcriptionist says

"We are so sorry that you have had a negative experience with us, especially one that lasted so long and then ended poorly. We need and value all of our transcriptionists, and we also need to ensure a consistent high level of quality to our customers. We have never had any proofreaders, nor do we ever make any adjustments to our customer’s audio files. We do have a very qualified QA team and a serious QA management process. We work hard to provide feedback and coaching, especially to those transcriptionists whose quality reviews fall short of the required minimum. It is the case that when transcriptionists are unable to show across evaluation ability to consistently meet quality standards that we need to sever the working relationship. When it comes to quality there is room for work toward improvement, but not for a degradation of our standards."


"We appreciate the time taken to provide a review of your time with Allegis. We do have a serious quality development program that connects new contractors with a personal coach to guide individuals through our definition of quality and standards. Coaching does point out more details than might be normally pointed out in QA Assessments, the goal of which is to clearly establish our high standards and ensure transcriptionists are set-up for success. We certainly respect that this type of engagement s not for everyone."

Former Employee - Transcriptionist says

"Technologically weak company. Corporate-type environment. Low pay."

Current Employee - Transcriptionist says

"This is a bit tougher. Work holds are tough and prevent you from earning."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks for your review. Transcriptionists contracting with Allegis may receive page rate increase over time depending upon the amount of time and their consistent production volume. Generally speaking, contract rates are proportionate to customer rates and unfortunately without incremental increases there the ability for general and ongoing increase contract rates does not exist. Allegis is almost always hiring to some degree. Even without an upcoming increase in business, we always need to make up for regular contractor turnover. Additionally, there is a lengthy lead time from application to having an IC up to speed and in a regular work queue, so the folks who apply today would be contributing to work in 6-8 weeks."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"First, I would like to qualify that my review is 2.5 stars, based on the way things deteriorated while I contracted there. Cons: •Almost 100% extremely poor audio files. •Same flat pay rate for all audio regardless of quality, time spent, research done, etc. Pay rate is average but not great for transcription industry. •No pay raises or other benefits/perks regardless of time worked there, loyalty or level of production. •A good deal of work is done/time is spent by the contractor on aspects of the job for which you are not compensated in any way. This detracts from your overall earnings. •Very restrictive rules continue to be implemented for contractors regarding: amount of work completed, turnaround time for files, time off, availability of work. These rules take away all benefits of working from home as a contractor. The company has hired many staff with vague job titles/descriptions who don’t actually know anything about transcription, and they are the ones who make up these rules and constraints. •Ridiculous quality control expectations for contractors, but no expectations of their customers to create audible recordings. Audio is mostly terrible and this will greatly slow down your productivity. If you want to make much money, you will have to produce a consistently large bulk of work, and the bad audio will slow you down and greatly impact your ability to reach your pay goals. Then you can expect your completed transcripts to be scrutinized with a fine-tooth comb by quality control employees who can spend many hours on one short transcript finding or creating problems that are very subjective, then scoring you poorly. You have no recourse or say in your QC scores. •Very intermittent work availability unless you are in the 1/5th percentile of contractors who consistently produce an extremely high number of transcripts, which is difficult to do with such poor audio and excessive QC requirements. •Communication has greatly diminished with the addition of many newer staff all sharing the same email address. •The company constantly advertises that they are growing and they are hiring, even when many of their contractors are on work restriction, suggesting a high turnover rate."

Senior Recruitment Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Over-worked and lack of recognition despite significant achievements. The criteria to progress in your career here is extremely difficult - but not impossible.Career progressionLong hours, no reward"

Global Recruiter (U.S) says

"Its fun at workplace. People are really nice, work environment is cool. I would say there is no much learning, BPO type and Night shift. So you will face lot of health problems. You will earn good, thats it. Talking about management, when you ask for leave is when you see real faces. Even if the leave is eligible, you will have to face hesitations from supervisors - thats not perfectly an american culture. The challenge is working night shift. The most enjoyable part is fun at workplace. You'll get addicted to the workplace.Good work environment, we don't feel like we are employees there. Kind of college atmosphere. Made lot of friends.Long Hours, Pathetic and worst cab service, No options provided for own transport"

Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"The management consists of people that really don't know about anything except taking vacations and time offs, a typical sweatshop where the managers will only reach you if they "NEED" something. Also if you can talk alot you will be given value, work here can only get you so far! They claim to be a multibillion dollar company but you will be chased all the time by managers for budget restrictions.Realtime projects, lots of workchurn and burn, favoritism, Incapable Management"

Customer Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"No so great for back office types. The company revolves around it's sales consultants and undervalues the support functions. The rewards and financial benefits for support staff do not compare to those afforded the sales teams.Monthly leisure allowance, private healthcarePoor progression options, performance based bonuses hard to achieve"

Integrations Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I had a good journey while I was there. Unfortunately - just as with ANY company the boss only relays on 1-2 people within the team and that makes it difficult for everyone else. Honestly, I loved my job there and I loved everyone I worked with. But one particular person did anything she could, including hiring someone who way more technical than me to pull me off the projects. So when the new person came in, work started to fall off my plate. My manager did not do anything about it because he was closer with the other girl that me and he relied on her more than me. So in a was I was forced to leave."

Service Desk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I did learn a lot of new skills and it was never a dull moment. This was the largest user base I have ever supportedGreat perks and discounts with companiesCommunication with other departments"

Recruiter (Current Employee) says

"Great environment with great opportunities for advancement if you perform in your current roles. The energy of the entire team is good, but would need to make sure you like a very structured day with goals."

Undisclosed (Current Employee) says

"This company aspires to an amazing set of values. However, it operates more like an impenetrable clique. The pay/benefits are horrible and most of the leaders are just riding out their time until retirement. Many of the employees there are really nice though."

Senior Network Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Too much of work performance opinion is based off innuendo as opposed to merit. Management is unaware of the day to day activities of its employees and defers this knowledge to the words of close friends."

Technical Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"They do not have a vision, could not capture the Mumbai market for IT staffing and RPO. Salary and job level advancements are negligible. Fun to work, because they follow a little different and outgoing culture."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"administrative assistant temporary assignment. Worked most days 9am - 5pm doing calendar management, assisting HR team with events and backing up the receptionist.Opportunity to get in as a temp and become permanentHealthcare overwhelmingly expensive!"

Recruiter Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Good place to start out but you should leave after year 2. Day in the life:have a morning meeting with your team and then you start recruiting. Most of the time you're expected to make 30 calls and hire 4 people per week.The coworkers are delightful. Best part of the company was the people I worked with. Mainly 23-35A lot of pressure put on you to produce in a high turn over field."

HR Recruiter (Current Employee) says

"I am currently a recruiter here supporting the US and Canada market.I am with Allegis for more than a year. it is a good platform for fresher to start a carer in HR as we learn all basics. People are nice. work at times are challenging but gets all support from team leads and managers to be successful.salary, no pressure, fun place, friendly, cab facilitycafeteria, no free food, cleanliness in Cafeteria needs to improve, no Overtime paid"

Recruitment Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Great organisation to work for if you are a determined money hungry individual. Not so great in that there is no work life balance, but that is the nature of recruitment.They expense your travel and costs while on candidate and client meetingsHeavy sales mentality, no work life balance"

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Love the managers and co-workers. Often I question if the executives understand the responsibility of their decisions. Teams rely heavily on each other which can be a good or a bad thing. Bonuses and compensation often rely on performance, which is closely tied with how the cooperating teams perform.Coworkers, experience, open communicationCompensation, benefits, executives"

Global MDM Technical Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management can have better leaders in the team for productive output and not have bench warmers and gossipers. This place is a candy shop for people who loves to work on different software tools Hardest part of the job is getting through the politics Enjoyable part of the job the project that I was working on"

Enterprise Architect (Current Employee) says

"The problem with Allegis Group IS is that instead of leading the technology of the business and explaining to the business how technology can aide in business development, the CIO waits for the business to dictatet what they want. This leads to siloed IT and very messy applications as there is no way to really take the disjointed thoughts of 15 different operating companies and create a product which meets each of their individual needs.Generous Expenses including LunchesHigh Deductible Healthcare"

Sr. QA Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Average company very dependent on client no matter how good is your performance is there in company. No communication between us and company they will leave you alone in difficult situation."

Insurance Claims Transcriptionist (Former Employee) says

"Interesting work at home job transcribing recorded accident interviews. Researching locations and specifics of incidents was challenging. Management was fair and honest."

Customer Service / Inside Sales (Former Employee) says

"Fun people but very closed to new personnel. Company resides in the latest century not willing to move on. They found there niche but not open to growing into the new century.get togethersmicromanaged"